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"... this is to that first step- inhale and portrait."



    After finishing her studies of Art History in Poland and the apprenticeship in the United States, Natalia has chosen a career of a photographer in Europe. After working with the several modelling agencies in Poland and having worked in a number of cities like London, New York, Berlin and Barcelona, she decided to move to peaceful and stunning north of Spain to focus on one of her passions when it comes to her line of work, which is culinary reportage. Working in San Sebastian, a famous culinary destination in the Basque Country, has opened up the road to her becoming an appreciated culinary photographer with publications in the main travel- and culinary magazines as well as books. She has developed her own style of photographing food.  Not only does she show the final result of what leaves the kitchen and the cooking process itself, but also manages to capture the genuine dedication and perfection of the chefs during the creation process. 
The time spent in the realm of cuisine has resulted in ' developing a very personal craft ' says Natalia. 'I call it  h a n d s - o n - e x e r i e n c e  photography. I observe, estimate, experiment and shoot. The results may be unexpected but always thrilling. That makes my work exciting even when it comes to commercial assignments. '
    Natural light is a big asset in her works: 'After working with models for quite a long time at photo sets, often in the studio, whenever I have an opportunity to work with natural light and in spontaneous circumstances , I choose that. With natural light, I can experience unique and unexpected moments and trap the magic of every instant of time and come closer to embody the essence of what i see in front of my camera. '

    In 2016 has chosen Berlin as her home and  working field where she has created a photographic agency that specializes in portraits and event photography. In her spare time .. she cooks. 

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